Pocket-Size Uranium Kit (Feb, 1952)

Pocket-Size Uranium Kit

GEOLOGISTS and prospectors can make on-the-spot identifications of radioactive ore findings with the pocket-size uranium test kit offered by Menlo Research Laboratory, Dept. RA, Menlo Park, Calif. The kit, complete with packages of testing chemicals, a 2000° F. blow-torch, solid fire tablets, special wires for forming beads and tongs for holding beads while forming and examining, sells for about $5.00. From 25 to 30 bead tests can be made from one kit. The entire test, which consists of forming a chemical bead on a wire and fusing with crushed ore particles, then examining under ultraviolet light, is said to take less than 5 minutes. Uranium fluoresces a distinctive lemon-yellow color.

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