Pocket Softcore (Oct, 1952)

Wow, that guy looks scarily entertained by his movie. Think of it as the Video Ipod of 1952.

Now! SEE MOVIES without SCREEN OR PROJECTOR with Melton Pocket Movie Viewer

Men, you’re going to have a world of fun with the MELTON MOVIE ‘ VIEWER, and you’ll think of a dozen pals overseas to send one to. With the Melton, you can view a complete 50-foot roll of any standard 8 mm. film, without screen or projector. Easy to operate; just look in viewer and turn handle. You see clear live-action picture in color or black and white. A precision instrument you’ll be proud to own. Satisfaction, or money back. Only $4.95, ppd. Send to
Box 390 Dept. MI-3 Reno, Nev.
Add $1.00 ea. for film:

  • Beauties of Bali
  • Robinson-Turpin Fight
  • Danger Trail
  • A Thrill a Second
  • Bathing Buddies
  • Hit the Silk
  • Grand Canyon
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  2. captaincontext says: May 22, 20078:13 am

    50 feet, eh? How much space is that, exactly?

    – James

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  10. Adrian Gregg says: September 22, 200811:33 pm

    I had one of these as a kid. (mid to early 80’s) It had super 8 film on a small see though plastic drum which was a loop. it had a reel of batman superman etc etc.. all “cartoons” all silent.. years later i broke open the canisters and run em on a prjector !!!

    so they were made untill the mid 80’s at least

  11. David says: September 23, 200812:53 pm

    Charlie — I was your super8 animation teacher way back when at Childrens aid society — nice to see your site. Feel free to contact me. best……

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  13. Mike Newton says: January 3, 201011:16 am

    I bought one of these movie viewers in the original box for $4.95. I believe I made installment payments because I was only 14. This was in 1957. It was my first movie projector. It was designed for showing 50 ft 8mm home movies, not necessarily “soft porn.” I recall the advertising on the box said that soldiers away from home could see movies of their family without having toset up a projector. It’s true that they came out with something similar in the 60’s with a cassette instead of a reel for kids. But mine was for adults. They did make them available in men’s magazines to show Betty Page movies. You could crank it fast or slow depending on whether you wanted to see the film move or freeze frame.

  14. jeffm says: December 6, 20122:56 pm

    Mike Newton is correct; the Melton viewer was not originally marketed strictly for stag films, though a lot of them were probably used for that purpose. The films listed in this ad were 25-foot mini movies manufactured for Melton by old reliable Castle Films. While “Beauties of Bali” might have delivered the goods; the guy in the illustration might have been disappointed to find that “A Thrill A Second” was a film about stunt daredevils, and even more so that “Bathing Buddies” was a Woody Woodpecker cartoon!

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