Pocket Vapor Bulb Operates Like Flashlight (May, 1936)

Pocket Vapor Bulb Operates Like Flashlight

As handy as a fountain pen, an electric vaporizer that works like a flashlight has been designed as a “pocket relief” for colds. In the head of the tiny metal case is a special bulb with two openings. A few drops of a nasal inhalant are inserted from the side. When the thumb switch is pressed, the “flashlight” batteries generate heat in the filaments of the bulb and vaporize the liquid, which is then inhaled from the top of the bulb, acting on congested nasal passages.

  1. Latente says: May 18, 20088:11 am

    yumm, perfect for hemp oil

  2. Cleanser says: May 20, 20086:40 am

    “operates like flashlight”… Who wrote these headlines? Does a typewriter operate like a piano, because in both cases you’re pushing keys? Criminey.

  3. K!P says: May 26, 20085:58 am

    cleanser: it has a heating filament and bateries and a switch. comes very close to a flashlight.

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