Police Inaugurate Two-Way Radio (Apr, 1934)

Police Inaugurate Two-Way Radio

THE first two-way police radio equipment in the United States is now in operation at Piedmont, a fashionable suburb of Oakland, California. Permission for this efficient new form of communication between police officers in the field and headquarters has been granted by the federal radio commission.

The central control operates on 15 watts power and the squad cars on two watts power. The station set works directly from the electric light circuit. Power for automobile transmitting sets is secured from the storage battery.
The auto sets are compact, weighing only 25 pounds. The receiving sets are not unlike the ordinary automobile radios.

  1. Mike says: February 8, 20107:42 pm

    By the looks of the picture it communicates between the front and the back seat.

  2. KD5ZS says: February 9, 20101:28 pm

    In those days you needed an engineer just to operate the transmitter; it was hardly Push-to-Talk.

  3. rosco says: February 9, 201011:10 pm

    wonder if they are saying “can you hear me now?”

  4. ABB says: February 21, 201010:56 am

    Oakland California fashionable? lol! lol!

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