Polish Plane Packs Guns in Its Pants (Nov, 1939)

Polish Plane Packs Guns in Its Pants
War planes now even carry guns in their “pants.” The illustration at right, of a new Polish fighting craft, shows how a machine gun is attached to the streamline fairing of the undercarriage. Like other guns installed in the plane, it is fired by remote control from the cockpit, as the pilot points his machine head-on at the target. In contrast, designers of American fighting planes prefer to mount the guns elsewhere, so that the landing gear may be retracted in flight for less wind resistance and greater speed.

  1. Stannous says: September 26, 20065:38 pm

    Looks like a PZL P-11:

    Despite being overwhelmingly out-numbered, these P-11s shot down over 170 Nazi planes in Sept. 1939.

  2. skandal says: September 24, 20076:30 pm

    This is reconnaissance airplaine LWS III Mewa

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