Pontoons Support Odd Fishing Boat (Apr, 1940)

Pontoons Support Odd Fishing Boat

PONTOONS made of welded sections of steel float a unique boat constructed by students in an Oakland, Calif., school of welding for use as a fishing craft for large parties of anglers on San Francisco Bay. Powered by two 110-horsepower gasoline engines, one installed in the stern section of each pontoon, the odd boat will have a speed of about twenty knots. The supporting pontoons, each thirty-nine feet long and with a twelve-foot circumference, are made in fourteen separate air-tight compartments, and are joined together by a welded truss made of six-inch pipe. Behind a raised, inclosed control bridge, the coachlike weatherproof cabin has accommodations for thirty passengers, who are able to fish from a rail-protected deck over the pontoons. Three views of the unusual craft are given in the photographs reproduced above.

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