Pooch Is Up to His Neck In Automobile (Sep, 1954)

I’m not sure why, but this just seems wrong to me.

Pooch Is Up to His Neck In Automobile
European cars are small and have no room for large dogs, so an ingenious dog lover has converted the trunk into a roomy traveling kennel. A hole cut in the trunk lid permits the dog to get air and, if he desires, to see where he has been, at least.

  1. Lydia says: September 22, 20079:12 am

    Well I think it’s genius! I had a huge dog that loved to go for rides, but I had a small car so didn’t take him much. If the hole in the trunk is carefully made and lined so there are no sharp edges, what’s the big deal? The trunk could be very safe, easily padded and all that.

  2. Blurgle says: September 22, 200710:34 am

    The problem is that the slightest accident could cause decapitation, which to me doesn’t seem like a sensible thing.

  3. nlpnt says: April 30, 20086:43 am

    Closing the trunk lid around the dog’s head would also be super-awkward.

  4. Charlie says: April 30, 20086:51 am

    I think that you just put the dog in the trunk and he can stick his head out if he wants.

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