Portable Auto Jail Houses Fugitive (Dec, 1936)

Portable Auto Jail Houses Fugitive

A NEW style in portable “hoosegows” was set by an Oklahoma police official when he built a steel cage on the back of his passenger auto. The “jail” was used to bring back a fugitive who had escaped from the McAlester, Okla., prison. He had been recaptured by Pittsburgh, Pa., police.

Alex Watson, transfer agent of the prison, drove 1,000 miles to bring back the prisoner. The “jail” was made by ripping off the lid of the luggage compartment of a regular coupe automobile and screwing down an sill-welded steel cage. An awning protected the prisoner from the sun, and a cushion provided the interior “comforts” of the jail. The prisoner was released from the cage for brief exercise periods throughout the trip.

  1. Hirudinea says: January 5, 201210:32 pm

    Today you’ed be arestted if you put an animal in a cage like that, I like it!

  2. G. L. Tyrebyter says: January 6, 20121:59 am

    Of course the prisoner was dead by the end of the trip. He was sucking in all the carbon monoxide from the tailpipe he was sitting over for a 1000 miles.

  3. tom says: January 6, 20127:29 am

    Too bad for the prisoner if the car was rear ended.

  4. BrianC says: January 6, 201212:28 pm

    “Too bad for the prisoner if the car was rear ended.”

    Plenty more where he came from…

  5. toomuchtelly says: January 8, 20128:17 pm

    Thats a dog cage.

  6. Toronto says: January 8, 201210:51 pm

    Yeah – it’s easy to tell, ’cause it’s got a woof on it.

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