Portable Pumps Let You Fill ‘Er Up While You Shop (Jun, 1959)

Portable Pumps Let You Fill ‘Er Up While You Shop

YOU’LL soon be able to fill up the gas tank at your favorite shopping center—while you’re buying the groceries.

A portable gasoline service station, which can also be used at airports, resorts, or parking lots, is now being tested in several states by American Petrofina Co.

Each unit consists of a modified golf cart which hauls two pumps containing 100 gallons of premium and 200 gallons of regular gas. It also holds an air compressor tank, motor oil, battery and radiator water, and windshield cleaning materials.

“It has all the features of a regular service station except complete lubrication and car washing” says its inventor, Joe S. Cline, of Oklahoma City, Okla.

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