Portable Tire X-Rayer Shows Nails and Cuts (May, 1939)

Portable Tire X-Rayer Shows Nails and Cuts

AUTOMOBILE tires are X-rayed for hidden nails, bruises, and similar dangers by the novel portable apparatus pictured at the left. Introduced by Firestone engineers, the X-ray unit is rolled under a jacked-up wheel, and the tire is viewed section by section, just as a physician examines the body of a patient with a fluoroscope. In an experimental test of 2,000 automobile tires with the apparatus, experts discovered 2,049 nails and tacks, 2,099 pieces of glass, and 2,197 rocks and pebbles lodged in the tread or body.

  1. Jim Dunn says: May 15, 20075:23 am

    Holy Moses, that’s beyond scary.

  2. JDk1981 says: July 14, 20083:00 am

    Wow looks really small and portable. =/ NOT ! lol

  3. Chris Lord says: July 13, 20098:22 am

    Would you know if this machine was ever produced?
    There wouldn’t be a modern equivalent?


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