Portable Unit Puffs Cereal Grains (Dec, 1936)

I’m kind of amazed I haven’t seen one of these still in use in Portland. It seems like artisanal breakfast cereal would be very popular here. Salted caramel hemp puffs anyone?

Portable Unit Puffs Cereal Grains

DESIGNED especially for light manufacturing, a new machine recently introduced by a Portland, Oregon, manufacturer

converts wheat and rice grains into a delightful breakfast cereal. Four quarts of dry grain when exploded makes about one bushel of breakfast food. The machine can be operated by one person and will produce $120 worth of merchandise per day. An electric motor operates the device.

  1. Hirudinea says: February 6, 201311:17 am

    I wonder it it works on the same principle as this…

  2. Toronto says: February 6, 20132:05 pm

    Wait – it’s not “Shot from Guns”?

    The Quaker lied to me!

  3. georgiahoosier says: February 7, 20137:28 am

    What Toronto said is the first thing I thought of too.
    From the commercial you’d think they were shot from the Guns of Navarone

  4. Toronto says: February 17, 20137:55 pm

    They just showed a “chinese corn popper” (I missed the initial details) on “Myth Busters.” It was a big cast iron vaguely cannon shaped pressure vessel – they sealed popping corn in it and heated up for 9 minutes until a tremendous pressure built up, then pointed it skyward and released the top. Kablooie! Popped corn everywhere! It was like a nanosecond once the pressure was released! The Mythbusters have so much fun.

  5. Hirudinea says: February 18, 201310:25 am

    @ Toronto – Yep, the pressure drops, the water in all the popcorn turns to steam instantaneously and BOOM, popcorn everywhere.

  6. Daniel Rutter says: March 1, 201312:34 am

    Yes, the MythBusters one is the same as the one in the above-commented YouTube video (and many other videos – these things are major tourist-attracters).

    Apparently Alton Brown totally screwed the pooch operating it, though. They concluded it didn’t work very well, to the great irritation of a very large number of Chinese and other street popcorn vendors.

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