Portable X-Ray Device Aids Express Clerks (Sep, 1938)

Wow. I hope these guys already have kids.

Portable X-Ray Device Aids Express Clerks
RATED at 58,000 volts and 10 milliamperes and operated by merely plugging in on any electric light circuit, a newly developed portable, shock-proof X-ray device enables express and postal clerks to speedily determine the contents of suspected packages without the need of breaking the seals. The device can also be used in industrial plants for the inspection of manufactured parts and is said to be satisfactory for medical use, providing clear radiographs of the human body. The photo at right shows the compact X-ray unit being used to examine the contents of a suspected express package.

  1. Dave says: April 4, 200912:11 pm

    Early belly-button porn?

  2. Davo says: June 18, 20116:18 am

    Wow! 58kV at 10mA equals 580 Watts! That’s the output power of a small microwave oven, only in x-rays!

    I assume the device the chap on the left is holding consists of a fluorescent screen, and little else, which means he is getting the full blast of the x-rays straight into his face!

  3. Toronto says: June 18, 20118:37 am

    Whoops! Another box of film being mailed in for processing!

  4. Jari says: June 19, 20118:51 am

    Davo: Nope, the x-ray tubes are only about 1% efficient, so it’s less than 6 Watts of x-ray energy.

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