Porto-Pulpit (Nov, 1931)

Portable Church Goes to People
WHEN it gets too hot for the folks to go to church, the church can now go to the people. Seven Baptist ministers in northern Indiana put their heads together and solved the problem by devising a traveling church mounted on the chassis of an old seven passenger car. The “motorized” church has a twelve foot belfry, with bell and all, and a roof which is thrown back, disclosing a pulpit and an organ with amplifiers which permit a huge audience to hear the entire services.

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  1. Pope Shady says: March 30, 20109:54 am

    Hi. I’ve been posting a blog titled Pope Shady’s Port-O-Pulpit for over twelve years. I just checked Port-O-Pulpit on Google to see what would come up and it directed me to this site. Too hilarious! I’m going to link this post!

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