Post-War Crosley (Jun, 1946)

Post-War Crosley has a streamline aluminum body on an 80-inch wheelbase and will be powered by a new type, four-cylinder, water-cooled engine developing 26-1/2-horsepower. The car has two seats in front and two in back. Bottom photo shows the remarkable new engine.

  1. Gazzie says: May 2, 201212:20 pm

    I don’t see the bottom photo of the engine!!!

  2. Hirudinea says: May 2, 20122:15 pm

    Just compare this to the cars Americans were buying ten years later, Crosley couldn’t have gotten it more wrong.

  3. Toronto says: May 2, 20126:19 pm

    You could almost carry one of these in the trunk of a ’56 Chevy as a spare.

    Or buy two, and keep one in the icebox for hot days.

  4. georgiahoosier says: May 3, 20127:49 am

    That’s a nice rendering of an auto she’s looking at there.
    If I remember correctly the “new” Crosley was painted in over a prewar model for that shot.

  5. georgiahoosier says: May 3, 20127:50 am

    And the engine photo (at least the one I remember) has a picture of Powell Crosley himself holding the block in his hands.
    It was made from folded sheet metal and worked like a champ.

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