Precaution for Would-be Suicides (Sep, 1931)

This inspired the very short-lived spin off magazine Suicide Illustrated.

Precaution for Would-be Suicides

IF YOU are figuring on committing suicide, be sure to take this precaution: Use new bullets. Old bullets are sure to be laden with germs, so that they might infect the wound, and cause you to die. If you use new bullets, you might recover from the attempted suicide.

  1. jayessell says: March 30, 20108:17 am

    Be sure to boil them first.

  2. Anton says: March 31, 20105:57 am

    Well then, it would be sheer suicide to use old bullets. I think Myth Busters should check this out. Evidently, the author survived an attempted suicide after the big stock market crash; now investing in the small arms munitions industry. Wants to see his stock go up and also share his knowledge with those contemplating suicide. Hence, killing two birds with one stone (or bullet?). He wants repeat offenders: “Use new bullets.”

  3. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 6, 20109:14 pm

    Let’s see, old bullets, why worry about just bacteria, why not worry about the lead oxidizing and making very toxic lead compounds? So you could survive the gun shot but end up blind, crazy and shaking?

    I’m wondering if there was creative editing on this post. It’s really odd for the magazine to publish this.

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