Precious Radium is Medicine’s Treacherous Helper (Feb, 1936)

Precious Radium is Medicine’s Treacherous Helper

Rare metal is teamed with common lead to become an ally of science.

Weird masks impregnated with lead shield this doctor from the withering rays of radium held in the tiny vial. These same rays become healing agents when they are properly directed.

Left—-This solid lead container protects hospital attendants who transport radium. Above——Guarded by a lead shield containing thick lead glass, a nurse restores a vial of radium to its holder. Right—Lead vaults for radium. Box marked 100 contains one-tenth of a grain of radium. It is worth $7,500.

Lead is the only thing radium rays will not penetrate and without a lead shield, this interne must work at a distance. Right-—Radium is now valued at $1,000,000 an ounce. It looks like a white salt, and each grain must be well guarded.

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