President Roosevelt’s personal plane had an elevator (Sep, 1945)

President Roosevelt’s personal plane which is in reality a specially designed Douglas C-54, was used by the late Chief Executive on several historic trips. Elevator made it possible for him to come aboard in his wheelchair easily.

  1. jayessell says: July 2, 20078:52 am

    Roosevelt would have loved the TV series “Thunderbirds!”

    In the show and movies the characters have the couch they’re sitting on shoved into the aircraft.

    I’d love to see that done for real for an automobile seat.

  2. jayessell says: July 2, 20079:05 am

    Charlie, about the cover illustration:

    An illustration of the rocket from the 1929 motion picture “Frau im Mond”?
    Even tilted at the same jaunty angle as in the movie poster?…

    Can you print this article?
    (Or did you already?)
    (Did they think it was atomic powered?)

    The readers of 1945 would be steamed that Americans would later go to the moon in a German designed rocket!

  3. jayessell says: July 2, 20071:01 pm

    Do the ‘letters to the editor’ ever say anything people of the 21st Century would find interesting?
    Did a 1945er mention the familar rocket on the September 1945 cover?
    For all I know, the illustrator properly credited the film!

  4. Charlie says: July 2, 20072:01 pm

    The reason I haven’t posted that article yet is because I messed up and didn’t scan the last page or two. I think the magazine is in a box in my storage locker so I’m not about to dig it out to scan it again. However I suppose I could just post the incomplete article. It’s 16 pages anyway.

    They don’t credit the cover picture with being from that movie. But they do with a picture later int he article. Specifically: “Scene from prewar German film by Fritz Lang on space travel, titled “Woman in the moon” shows the space ship about to leave it’s hangar.

  5. jayessell says: July 2, 20077:35 pm

    Please post what you have, and next time you’re in the locker, rescan it.

  6. Modern Mechanix » ROCKET TO THE MOON? says: July 2, 20078:03 pm

    […] Jayessell pointed out in the comments to another article from this magazine, the cover image as well as the first page of this article are from the 1929 […]

  7. mnlang says: July 4, 20077:23 am

    BTW, great blog!

    Roosevelt’s C-54 is currently at the National Museum of the United States Air Force here in Dayton, Ohio. Amazingly enough, I think Roosevelt only used the plane once!

  8. Firebrand38 says: July 25, 20071:45 pm

    Here is a fact sheet from the Mudeum website which states that he did only use it once.


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