Primitive vs. Mechanical Music (May, 1929)

Primitive vs. Mechanical Music
STONE age men produced music by tapping a stretched hide. Today we press a button, and presto—music!

The mechanical violin whose mechanism is exposed above is one of the latest advances in the development of mechanical music. Fingering of the violin is done by the M-shaped rod, while the bow is moved by the same mechanism which twists the violin around to present the proper strings to the bow. A perforated roll, shown at the right, controls the machine.

White horsehair is used in making violin bows. Above a worker is sorting horsehair for quality.

  1. al_packer says: November 24, 20129:46 pm

    Actually the first musical instrument that has been identified as such was a flute made of bone that was found in Germany, dating back somewhere arount 30,000 years.

  2. Hirudinea says: November 25, 20123:12 pm

    Actually flutes made from animal skins are older, but due to their construction they didn’t survive, although the practice of playing them lives on.

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