This seems like it would just be really awkward and end up giving you a headache.

Actually, if you read the reviews on Amazon of people who actually used these glasses most seem pretty happy with them.

To make reading in bed easier, a British inventor has devised “lying-down” spectacles. Prisms mounted in eyeglass frames bend the light rays at right angles so that the wearer can lie flat and read a book held upright on his chest.

  1. Blurgle says: May 1, 20071:57 am

    Actually, that would be really handy for anyone with arthritis in the neck.

  2. Stannous says: May 1, 20075:06 pm

    I just tried this and the book was upside down. Not a problem if I turned it over but pretty confusing when I went to turn the page.

  3. evac93rd says: May 25, 20071:00 pm

    When my father-in-law passed away, I got his set of “TV-Specs”. They’re well made, easy to wear and great for watching TV while lying flat in bed. Easy on the neck.

  4. Herb Gilliland, Scientist says: January 22, 20083:57 pm

    I think this one I could use! The eye strain from traditional lenses. If you think about it, you lose 30% of your vertical viewing angle through the use of spectacles.

  5. Tom says: January 23, 20081:36 pm

    Glasses identical to these are still being made and sold by a half dozen companies. I wonder what vintage evac93rd has?

    Here is a link to a pair.



  6. Joe says: May 23, 20089:18 pm

    I have a pair of Vintage Bed Spec listed ont my website. I am trying to find info about them.

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