Boring a Tunnel 9,000 Feet Up Completing a cogwheel railway up the Zugspitz, highest peak in the German Alps, workmen are driving a tunnel into the mountain at a height of 9,000 feet. Each day they travel to their job by cableway. Above: The lofty tunnel entrance, looking from within. At right: A view of the entrance in the mountain wall.

Hunts Leprosy Cure. The only woman scientist from America who is now doing research work in the famous Pasteur Institute, Paris, France, is Adele Cohen, of Newark, N. J. At present she is searching for a serum for the cure of leprosy.

Through the Rocks. This view within the Zugspitz tunnel shows a crew of workmen biting in the wall of solid rock with a pneumatic power drill. Notice the horn at the waist of the man at the extreme right. He uses it for signaling to other crews.

“Taken for a Ride.” Two of the workmen starting the descent by aerial cable car from the mouth of the railway tunnel in the Zugspitz. The railway will go nearly to the 9,722-foot summit.

Sun Baths for Miners. Men who work in the depths of an Idaho mine get their share of sunlight in this special solarium. The miners, stripped and wearing protective goggles, stand upon a moving platform which takes one minute to travel in front of a battery of ultra-violet lamps.

  1. Harry says: June 24, 20112:33 pm

    “Notice the horn at the waist of the man at the extreme right. He uses it for signaling to other crews.” Good to know. I thought it was one of those gourds the guys in New Guinea wear over their – uh, “gentleman sausage.”

  2. Don F says: June 25, 20115:19 am

    “Sun Baths for Miners” is apparently an early example of treatment for SAD — Seasonal Affective Disorder. But only a minute?

  3. Jari says: June 25, 201111:11 am

    DonF: It’s simpler: “Sun-Rays” were considered healthy at a time, and during pre-ww2 12 hour day-shift (6am-6pm) in the mines, one couldn’t catch any. Too bad, that the UV-lamps at a time also emitted a lot of UV-B and -C radiation as well. All the way up to to the -70’s.

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