Prop-Driven Car Makes 85 M.P.H (Nov, 1934)

Prop-Driven Car Makes 85 M.P.H
BY MOUNTING a four-bladed airplane propeller on an auto chassis, a Georgia mechanic has evolved a combination vehicle which has attained speeds of 85 miles an hour. The wheels of the auto-plane are not connected with the engine. Motive power is furnished entirely by the pusher-type propeller.

  1. albear says: February 12, 20089:49 am

    That looks very safe! I wonder why it didn’t catch on?

  2. Casandro says: February 12, 20089:50 am

    I wonder what all the fuzz was about propelling vehicles by propellors. It seems awfully inefficient to me.

  3. Stannous says: February 12, 20081:04 pm

    here’s a timeline of land speed records:…

    85 mph was passed in 1904 (91.37 mph) and by 1931-35 Sir Malcom Campbell had broken the record 5 times and in ’35 did 301.13 mph!

  4. Richard C says: February 12, 20082:22 pm

    That’s one sure way to reduce tailgating.

    Noise and wind make a propellor a really lousy mechanism for land propulsion, at least in traffic.

  5. Rick Auricchio says: February 12, 20087:57 pm

    I don’t see where the propeller shaft goes. Does it go right through the driver’s back?

    And does it connect to the engine up front? How?

  6. Larry Yeager says: January 26, 20094:03 pm

    My brother and I want to make a car pushed by a propeller.
    We have a 55 HP Geo motor.
    We need to know what propeller to get to push the VW that we will retro fit.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  7. jay says: January 26, 20097:37 pm

    what size prop would i need for a prop driven car with a 60 hp motor? pitch , dia. and etc.

  8. beaux says: February 22, 20128:42 am

    I hav an aircart , can be seen on u tube , ameila aircart returns.
    does 70 or more. has a 4 ft. two prop blade,13 hp. eng.
    get a parasail and fly

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