Proposed $60,000,000 Bridge Over Narrows to be Longest in World (Sep, 1930)

This bridge wasn’t started until 1959 and was completed in 1964.

Proposed $60,000,000 Bridge Over Narrows to be Longest in World

A BRIDGE, which is to be the longest in the world, with a central span that will be 1000 feet longer than the Hudson river bridge, and towers that will be higher than the Woolworth building, is soon to be built over the Narrows between Staten Island and Long Island. The complete structure, shown in the architect’s drawing below, will have observation galleries, beacon lights, and a carillon of bells.

  1. Mike says: February 26, 200910:52 am

    They totally forgot the carillon of bells, too, when they finally built it.

  2. MrG says: February 26, 200911:48 am

    I put an article on Othmar Amman’s bridges on my BBS:


    FLICKR had a ton of great pix of the bridges for that article: George Washington, Hell Gate, Bayonne, Bronx-Whitestone, Verrazanno Narrows. I’ve only been to NYC once, if I went back my first priority would be to take a helitour and get shots of the bridges. And then of course visit MIB HQ in the vent towers for the Holland Tunnel. Y’know, if you lived in NYC I bet it would be *believable* to think some of the citizens were aliens.

  3. Eli says: February 26, 200912:08 pm

    The observation galleries didn’t make it in either, nor did any other concessions to pedestrian access. Considering that the bridge was built during the reign of Robert Moses, this is entirely unsurprising.

  4. Toronto says: February 26, 20094:01 pm

    Eli: Moses supposes that no one has toeses?

  5. StanFlouride says: February 26, 200911:10 pm

    My mom took me across this the first week it opened. She had been taken on the Pulaski Skyway by her mom when it opened and passed the tradition down to me. I regret not being near a new bridge for my kids tho.

  6. Torgo says: February 26, 200911:28 pm

    Don’t worry, StanFlouride, there’s still a chance you can take them on the 2nd Avenue Subway.

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