Proposed Dual-Purpose Plane To Rise Vertically (Jan, 1933)

I can’t decide if this plane looks more like a fish or a banana?

Proposed Dual-Purpose Plane To Rise Vertically

THE machine illustrated at the left, in various operating positions, is the subject of a recent U. S. patent issued to Umberto Savoia, and assigned to the Fiat Co., well-known Italian manufacturers. Its purpose is to unite the horizontal flight of the ordinary plane with the vertical flight of the helicopter; without complexity of machinery to convert horizontal drive into vertical. As will be seen, the plane can be tilted back at right angles, so that the traction of its propeller is vertical; and land in either position. Another design contemplates a double body, in which the rear fuselage is hinged to the front, so that the angle between the two may be altered. Wide ailerons and large empennage will be required, and powerful engines, probably with a propeller (or pair) of variable pitch.

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  1. Stannous says: January 4, 20071:38 pm

    Just weird! I think that nothing at all like this was ever built of flown shows how absurd the entire concept is.

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