Protects Against “Athlete’s Foot” (Apr, 1936)

Protects Against “Athlete’s Foot”

THE reader of ads knows (if not by experience) that ringworm, or fungous disease of the feet, is readily communicated where great numbers bathe. The apparatus illustrated is specially designed to spray between the toes, under pressure, an antiseptic solution, such as chloride of lime, to prevent catching this annoyance.

  1. compwalla says: September 8, 20085:58 am

    They had one of these at the indoor pool I used to swim at when I was a kid. It was a huge indoor schwimbad in Germany with an Olympic-sized pool, a massage pool with a waterfall, a kiddie pool, and an outdoor wave pool.

    When you walked in or out of the locker room, you stuck your feet in sprayers mounted in what looked like floor-level sinks. You pressed a button and waved your feet around in it before proceeding. I don’t know what was in the foot-shower but the signs said it was to prevent fungus.

    This was in the late 70s.

  2. Toronto says: September 8, 20086:49 pm

    A nearby outdoor pool’s changing room still has a stone basin you have to walk through on your way out to the water. I don’t know when they stopped filling it with a lime or bleach solution, but that’s what it was built for. Now, people just stub their toes on it and curse.

    The cursing seems to work – no fungal infestations this summer!

  3. Gazzie says: September 8, 20087:22 pm

    I’m sure John Madden would say “Tough Actin Tinactin” is better.

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