Pulsating Wing to Drive Propless Plane (Jun, 1934)

Pulsating Wing to Drive Propless Plane
LACKING both propeller and tail assembly and driven only by a 10 H.P. motor, an Austrian plane is expected to take the air this summer. The motor drives a compressed air pump which expands and evacuates a large series of pneumatic air cells in the wings. It is planned that pulsations of these cells will furnish lift and driving power for the ship. By altering the stroke in the rear wing cells, which act as a propeller, the plane is expected to climb, bank, dive, hover and go forward or backward. The forward wing is used primarily for the higher speeds. The framework of the ship is constructed of welded steel tubing.

  1. Sorcerer Mickey says: April 7, 20088:44 am

    I think “The Flying Nun” said it best:
    — “Lift plus thrust must overcome weight plus drag.”


  2. Myles says: April 7, 20089:31 am

    I am not getting how this airplane is supposed to fly, and from the brevity of this article I am guessing that the writer does not get it either.

  3. Sorcerer Mickey says: April 7, 200810:17 am

    From the look of the aircraft I am guessing that the *designer* does not get it too.

  4. Myles says: April 7, 200810:34 am

    I agree Sorcerer. This plane is also supposed to hover and go backwards, but I have no idea what force is supposed to keep it in the air. There is not designer cited. Is this a complete hoax created on a slow news day?

  5. Sorcerer Mickey says: April 7, 200810:53 am

    Possible aerodynamic principles and elements include those found in:
    a) Diet Smith’s “Space Coupe” (the Chester Gould labeling arrows imply this option)
    b) Upsidaisium (see Wikipedia entry)
    c) Flubber
    d) Pixie Dust
    d.1) Clapping of hands by children in audience at air show
    e) Hidden motor which secretly raises the total horsepower to the required 15 Hp.

  6. Richard C says: April 7, 200811:24 am

    I love how they close the article. As if the framework construction material answers all the reader’s questions, and demonstrates that the designers have thought of everything.

  7. Robin says: December 5, 20088:12 pm

    Come on, You are all just upset because you didn’t think of this design first. This is a truly marvelous aircraft design. Although the makers could not find enough investors at the time, to bring the aircraft into full production, the underlying flight principle was successfully used by a kind generous man by the last name of Claus, from Northern Europe. He and his deer friends have been using this same design principle, and others, to fly once a year all over the world at speeds approaching C. He has successfully demonstrated that the forward, backwards, and even the hover flight are indeed a practical possibility with this one of a kind design. There are now countless scientific and non-scientific articles written about this man’s aircraft. He and his aircraft are so well known that there are even children songs and stories written about him, and still you doubt!!! I suppose you all don’t think Jesus walked on water either, just because his shoe size was too small, right?

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