Pump Your Own Gas (Dec, 1939)

Pump Your Own Gas
If you’ve ever run out of gas late at night when gas stations were closed, you’ll appreciate this latest wrinkle in gasoline dispensing – the “Gasoteria”. The motorist drops coins into slots in the tank and may deliver gas directly into his car without the aid of an attendant. Should the tank be empty his money is returned automatically.

  1. Jason Bright says: November 1, 20077:24 pm

    look at the price for 6 and a half gallons of gas, that’s just 16 cents a gallon *cries*

  2. Eliyahu says: May 26, 20088:54 am

    All we need do is swap the dollar sign and the word gallon, and it’ll be up to date…

  3. jayessell says: May 26, 200811:26 am

    Jason, that’s a 1939 dollar, worth about $15.38 today.

    It works out to a still enviable $2.37/gallon.…:oregonstate.edu/cla/pol…

  4. Michael McDonald says: November 14, 20089:39 pm

    This would never work! What a crazy invention! lol

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