Puppets Stage Shows for Children (Apr, 1933)

Life-like? Really? I think this guy got a job making anti-Obama ads.

Puppets Stage Shows for Children

SEVEN years of experiment were required to bring to perfection the life-like puppets shown in the series of pictures above. They are the work of Blake Wagner, Hollywood motion picture cameraman. He uses the puppets in giving shows. The same stunt has proved a money-maker for many men out of employment, who are able to arrange with department stores to give entertainments in their children’s departments.

  1. dejal says: October 17, 20088:39 pm

    Your website, your content. Daily.kos? Go screw.

  2. nlpnt says: October 17, 20089:02 pm

    Aside from the racial stereotyping, I do wonder why this type of puppet (operated by strings from above) has been all but completely replaced by the operated by hand from below.

  3. Gregly says: October 18, 20089:11 am

    dejal: If you have a problem, then don’t click on the link. Shopsin’s political views have nothing to do with how good his website is. As far I’m concerned, he could post links to wingnut sites like FreeRepublic and the Drudge Report and it still wouldn’t matter.

  4. Eliyahu says: October 18, 200812:27 pm

    All I can say is that they must have had some pretty interesting ideas of what constituted “lifelike” back then…

  5. Stan says: April 27, 20118:14 pm

    The ‘anti-Obama ad’ joke is getting old. I swear if not on this site I’ve seen that same Obama-buck pic linked for a joke like this on other sites. GET OVER IT, it isn’t funny anymore and everyone has seen that pic multiple times unless they have been living under a rock. Anyone slightly racist makes anit-Obama ads, we get it, ha ha.

    That said puppets like this have always freaked me out, when I was the age of that kid pictured every year at my grade school a puppeteer with puppets like this would come and walk them around the kids sitting on the floor, I think we sat on the floor until grade 4 at assemblies at my school. Anyway, it would terrify me. That kid sitting with them is freaking brave, if it were me when I was that age I’d be screaming my head off. Puppets do not move naturally but it is like they are possessed by some strange supernatural energy all the same. I think it is weird that people have a phobia of clowns until I think of those freaky puppets dancing around me. . .

  6. Stan says: April 27, 20118:17 pm

    Oh gosh, scratch what I said above, I apparently got an old link to this site as the other comments are 3 years old.

    What I said about the freaky puppets still stands though. . .

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