Queer Ways of Fishing with Lance and Gun (Nov, 1938)

There’s nothing sexier than a hot girl with a harpoon gun.

Queer Ways of Fishing with Lance and Gun

The hand must be as quick as the eye when you’re spearing fish. The young lady, above, has just stabbed a nice meal for herself, using a Japanese-type glass mask as a “window” for searching beneath the water

Goggle-fishing is a marine sport growing in popularity along Carolina and Florida coasts. Armed with lances, swimmers descend as far as twenty feet and “stalk” their game. Fisherman at left is starting down for a look at fish through Japanese-type mask, which protects both eyes and nose. Coming up with small fish on his lance, at right, is sportsman wearing goggles, each eyepiece being watertight

Instead of the hook, the harpoon gun is used by “hunters” seeking small game fish in low waters around Miami, Fla. This gun, shown above, fires a six-inch arrowhead harpoon, then the fish is reeled in. Notice reel under muzzle of gun

  1. Blurgle says: June 26, 20073:11 pm

    You know, if you’re entitling an article “Queer Ways of Fishing” in a day and age when “queer” has a second meaning, do you really need a picture of a guy standing like that at the bottom of your article?

  2. Rick Auricchio says: June 26, 20075:42 pm

    Who’s Lance?

  3. Higo Blog says: July 1, 20079:33 pm


    I saw a whale yesterday, when I was working on the boat, but it wasn’t as spectacular as this. Bonus links: Twisted sea otters via Mika Girls with spears and harpoons via Justin……

  4. KHarn says: March 9, 200811:35 am

    I have to point out two things:
    First, that TINY fish speared by the (Please excuse me) “fruity-looking” guy should have been caught with a SAFTY PIN instead of a spear. He should be ashamed of himself, the bully!
    second, from the angle the babe on the right is aiming her speargun and the pissed-off look on her face, I would say that she’s going after the “boyfriend-fish”.

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