Quilted ASBESTOS MITTS (Jul, 1946)

Quilted ASBESTOS MITTS they last twice as long

These asbestos mitts for handling hot metal molds and shapes are reversible to fit either hand. Both sides quilted, won’t shred or fray on rough, jagged material. Double wear, double life. Wool lined. All seams double stitched. The answer to troublesome problems. $2.20 a pair. Discounts for quantities. One of 4300 production-speeding, time-saving safety gloves, aprons, sleeves, spats, etc. Write for Free catalog.

6547 Garfield Blvd.. Danville, III. (In Canada: Safety Supply Co.. Toronto)

  1. Eli says: February 26, 20102:02 pm

    Yikes!! Oh to that era!

  2. Toronto says: February 26, 20103:25 pm

    Beautiful cover!

    Eli: Ever hear of this place?

  3. Toronto says: February 26, 20103:26 pm

    Whoops – the link was removed.


  4. Don says: February 26, 20103:34 pm
  5. Don says: February 26, 20103:39 pm
  6. Jennifer says: January 9, 201110:55 pm

    Funny how history repeats. Look at all the advertisements for brain radiation machines, oops, I mean, cell phones.

  7. Marcia says: June 7, 201111:49 am

    Jennifer, i nearly fell off my stool laughing at your comment. These gloves will clearly fix all of your problems, even that erectile disfunction your wife has been complaining about. Oh, i miss the days when one product fixed all.

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