FLEETFOOTED deer are being trained for the hurdles and obstacles of the steeplechase course in California’s newest racing sport. They have been taught to circle a race track and leap hurdles with greater ease and grace than the best horses.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Timm, of Kelsey, Calif., started the new sport. More than a year ago they caught five young deer in Oregon. When the animals were three months old, the first step in training began. Each deer was taught to wear a collar with a leash.

The leash was attached to a wire fastened between two trees to permit the deer to run back and forth. Because of the danger of the animal injuring itself in its efforts to get free, the trainer was with it night and day.

When the deer became accustomed to the collar and leash, he was taught to lead. For two days the animal was led about without stopping. Worn out, the animal finally gave in and followed the trainer willingly.

The hurdles were next, the deer following the trainer over each hurdle. Because a deer will not run fast unless pursued, a horse and rider urged him to racing speed.

After many races the deer got the idea of racing and vied for the lead. The horse, however, always follows them.

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