Radiation Proof Bike Suit (Mar, 1952)

I get the feeling this poor kid’s father embarrassed him during his whole childhood. I can imagine the picture of him modeling his father’s bullet-proof lederhosen.

Lead-Lined Suit specially designed to protect against radioactivity in an A-blast, was designed by Leo Pauwela of Los Angeles and is modeled here by his son. “If it doesn’t land on us, we’re safe,” they say.

  1. […] Radiation-proof bike suit By ragmanx Just in case you ever worried about the need to exercise with 200 mSv (see linked wikipedia definition) or higher radiation levels here is your bike suit, as displayed in the March 1952 issue of Mechanix Illustrated.  I’m guessing that a lead-lined suit makes biking in a century ride a bit impractical.  I suppose after a major nuclear strike, though, we’ll see more short-distance biking, given the extra weight of our protective suits. […]

  2. Nathan says: August 10, 200612:10 pm

    There’s footage of the boy riding the suit (or a similar boy riding a similar suit) in the documentary “The Atomic Cafe.”

  3. Charlie says: August 10, 200612:41 pm

    That’s awesome, thanks!

  4. Phil says: February 2, 200810:35 am

    I just want one of these to walk around the neighborhood in. I’m sure it would generate a few worried phone calls to local authorities.

    Duck and cover, duck and cover!

  5. huh says: July 14, 20085:31 am

    I wish I had a suit like that as a kid. I’d look like a mad scientist or something.

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