Radio Amateur Gets Award For Distinguished Service (Sep, 1938)

That is one spiffy looking trophy.

Radio Amateur Gets Award For Distinguished Service

IN RECOGNITION of distinguished service rendered during the January, 1937, Ohio River flood emergency when he co-operated with civil and military authorities in the transmission of official communications for more than 40 hours without sleep, Robert T. Anderson, of Harrisburg, Ill., was recently awarded the William S. Paley Amateur Radio Award for 1937. In the photo above, Anderson (left) is shown receiving the trophy from its donor, William S. Paley, president of the Columbia Broadcasting System.

  1. Firebrand38 says: October 3, 20074:12 am

    That trophy looks like it’ll put someone’s eye out.

    Anyway, for the rest of the story

  2. Ric says: October 3, 20075:26 am

    Hey! Isn’t that Ralph Fiennes?

  3. Blurgle says: October 3, 200711:14 am

    What the heck kind of haircut is THAT?

  4. Rick Auricchio says: October 3, 20077:10 pm

    I thought that trophy was some type of nose-sputnik jewelry accessory.

  5. jayessell says: October 3, 200710:39 pm

    Thanks Firebrand38, great article!

    I want to ask you…. what was that Radio magazine that had 4 or so single panel cartoons near the back?
    They were in the style of MAD Magazine artwork.

    One was of a guy winding the inductor for the distress frequency as his fishing boat sank.

    One was of a kid with a knot in the antenna of his WalkieTalkie. Now he has a base loader!

    One was a disreputable sidewalk salesman hawking cheap walkietalkies by pretending to contact Wake Island.

    My Google-fu is inadequate to find this magazine myself.

    One issue had a great article on Black Propaganda during WWII!

    Another, Opera Music Pirates!

    Still another, CB Radio gangs! (MC)

    Your assisstance apreaciated.

  6. Firebrand38 says: October 4, 20076:03 am

    jayessell, from what you’ve given me and right off the top of my head it sounds like CQ magazine. Back issues are being scanned in and made available at…
    Be advised there is a subscription fee and I’m not absolutely certain that this is the magazine you were talking about. What year did you read this magazine?

  7. jsl151 says: October 4, 20079:15 am

    Middle to late 1960s… early 1970s?

    I don’t think it was CQ.

  8. Firebrand38 says: October 4, 200710:14 am

    Sorry, I’m drawing a blank. I don’t think that Popular Communications was being published back then. I can’t think of any offhand that fit the bill.

  9. David Moisan says: October 6, 20077:02 pm

    It could have been S9, Tom Kneitel’s old magazine. Or Elementary Electronics, which was around that time frame and had many comics of that sort

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