Radio Camera (Apr, 1948)

Radio Camera outfit lets the photo-minded girl snap a picture without missing her favorite radio show. It weighs less than 4 pounds, is 9-1/2 inches high.

  1. rick s. says: March 15, 20119:51 am

    What . . . no bottle opener?


  2. M.S.W. says: March 15, 201112:18 pm

    Looks like the inspiration point for the design of the Tricorder for the Original Star Trek TV series.

  3. Richard says: March 15, 20112:20 pm

    A web search for “Air King A-410” reveals several references with clear photos and more details. Apparently these things came in various colors, including brown and green.

  4. Mike says: March 15, 20114:49 pm

    I can’t tell you the number of times I wanted to take a picture with a regular camera but my fear of missing my radio program on my separate radio prevented me from doing so. Now I don’t have to worry, and it is light weight as well.

  5. Michael, N5RLR says: March 15, 20118:07 pm

    And we have cameras with radios today.

    They’re called cellphones. 😛

  6. Scott says: March 16, 20117:55 am

    See? Steve Jobs wasn’t SO original!

  7. darren says: March 28, 201111:01 pm

    Look at phones today that have cameras, and cameras that have phones. The line between them blurs. And the ipad is everything (except the bottle opener – I’m expecting that in ipad3).

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