When Simone saw this cover her first thought was: “Oh my god, it’s Ace and Gary!”. They guys certainly do look like them, but I the car looks more like a really fancy iron. Now this car, really looks like theirs.


AUTOS operated on radio fuel may become a reality if the present consumption of oil continues and no new oil sources are discovered. One engineer boldly suggests a network of “radio highways” consisting of huge broadcast transmitters capable of sending out signals which would be converted into motive power. Provided with special radio energy converters automobiles would be silently operated by powerful electric motors. By simply throwing a switch on the dash the motors would be put into motion, eliminating starters, noise and dangerous carbon monoxide gas. Fortunately, science has delved into the fuel problem and found a solution for a matter which has for years been on the verge of confronting automotive engineers.

  1. Neil Russell says: October 20, 20079:06 am

    I’ve been all for the concept of broadcast power for automobiles for years, but the losses are terrific at the kind of distances they are talking about here.
    If it were designed into the roadway, with coils under the pavement and picked up by the autos above then it would be more viable.
    A true hybrid would then be a car that used an engine to get you home and used the electricity off the grid on the highway.
    It could even be “pay as you go” and charged on your power bill.
    Sure would use a lot of copper wire though!

    And the cars would need tailfins, and lots of chrome, it couldn’t hurt

  2. jayessell says: October 20, 20079:55 am

    If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.

  3. jayessell says: October 20, 200710:00 am

    No mention of what powers the power station.

    About pay as you go highways, why not a third rail?
    The cars would be personal streetcars!

  4. Neil Russell says: October 20, 20072:18 pm

    Third rail is essentially the idea, it would just be an induction rail that you wouldn’t see but the car would pick up the power right out of the road.

    Eventually the electric roads could be everywhere and you wouldn’t need the gas engine to get back and forth, or just a couple of batteries would be able to propel a car a short distance where there was no “virtual third rail”

    Being a retro-futurist, I see the power system run on atomic power, what else? 😉

  5. Ergosum says: October 22, 20077:05 am

    I thought broadcast power was a fantasy from the Tesla years. Would it really be useful for something?
    I can’t help thinking about the losses, the unwanted inductions, a horrible and premature death…

  6. Kunkiw Lee says: October 22, 20076:24 pm

    Oct. 23. 2007
    To : Inventor of Radio Fuel Autos

    I am much interested in the Radio-Fuel.
    Can I got a other information paper from you ?

    Or Which can I buy a book related radio-fuel ?
    And is ther experiment kit ?

    Wishing your kindly response. Thank you.

    Mr. Kunkiw Lee
    661-37, Silimdong, Gwanakgu, Seoul, Korea
    [email protected]

  7. Cline Clark says: October 23, 20071:02 pm

    Could solar power be converted at satelite stations and transmitted to earth for electric cars? Why not give it a try?

  8. Daniel says: October 31, 20073:20 pm

    Isn’t this the idea now experimented with regarding wireless charging of cell phone batteries, etc?

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