Radio Grill Displays Picture (Nov, 1936)

Radio Grill Displays Picture

THE grill, or speaker opening, of many radio sets provides a unique and artistic frame in which to display some nice photograph. Portraits are especially suitable for this purpose, and all that is required to adapt them for this purpose is to trim them down sufficiently to fit snugly in the grill opening. The edges may be slipped slightly behind the supporting strips.

The paper has no effect on the sound of the radio, but care should be taken to see that the paper will not vibrate against the wood when the radio is playing, or it may rattle. The picture provides the effect of a television set.

  1. albear says: March 13, 20087:03 am

    Wow, poor man’s television. 😛

  2. jayessell says: March 13, 20087:18 am

    I was going to say exactly that!
    (Every new Picture-Radio includes a stack of photos of your favorite radio performers!)

  3. acomplia says: July 23, 20081:46 am
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