Radio Increases Milk Yield of Cows With Musical Ear (Dec, 1931)

Radio Increases Milk Yield of Cows With Musical Ear

THAT cows will give more milk to the strains of music was proven when Ben Scott, in charge of the cattle at the Fred-mar Farms near Oakville, Mo., installed a radio loudspeaker for the benefit of the restless bovines.

They immediately showed signs of musical appreciation and stood still while they were milked. Some even cocked a musical ear while the soothing strains of a classical waltz came from the radio.

As an almost conclusive proof to the new idea, the cow pictured boasts of an official record for 3-year-olds with 840.98 pounds butter and 17,864 of milk.

  1. Blurgle says: January 8, 20081:38 am


    You mean there was bull on the radio even back then?

  2. Githyanki says: January 8, 20086:00 am

    Apparently “Boy Friends” was a old tv series.…

  3. Don says: January 8, 20088:07 am

    If you play heavy metal, the milk curdles.

  4. Suchandra dasi says: July 28, 20084:51 pm

    Cows have good taste. I wonder if the milk is smoother.

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