Radio Modernizes the Old Hayrake (Apr, 1933)

This reminds me of something from the movie Young Einstein.

Radio Modernizes the Old Hayrake

THE old hayrake has gone modern, and is now on par with the automobile., Take a look at the photo below and see what happened when a young fellow with a radio bee in his bonnet took it upon himself to modernize the rake.

The installation of the radio was effected when a young lady from the city volunteered to help rake the timothy while on her vacation at a Butler, New Jersey, farm. To keep her entertained, the farmer’s 12-year-old son fastened his home-made radio receiver to the rake and wound a loop antenna on a couple of sticks.

The signals came in clear and strong over the head phones during working hours.

  1. jayessell says: February 26, 20087:50 am

    Charlie? The cover? Sucking electricity from the Ionosphere?

  2. Charlie says: February 26, 20087:54 am

    Posted yesterday!

  3. d'ARK says: February 27, 20088:56 am

    Actually, this was probably a crystal set, which requires no external power. I built one from a kit, and it worked OK. But it was so quiet that I went out and bought a transistor radio the next week, with an earplug that I could hide under my hair at school (sometimes). 8^)

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