Radio Speaker Like Chandelier (May, 1932)

Radio Speaker Like Chandelier

LOUD speakers which are placed in or on top of your receiving set cabinet are now being supplanted by a new amplifier that hangs from the ceiling like a beautiful metal chandelier.

The new amplifier is made up of a number of tone tubes which not only amplify the sounds but also give musical notes a rich tone. Each tube tones one note. Any electrical connection may be used between receiving set and chandelier.

  1. Mike says: October 4, 20119:06 am

    The tubes provide a warm room as well as a warm sound.

  2. JediaKyrol says: October 4, 201110:17 am

    would you really want sharp vibrating metal hanging over your head?

  3. Jari says: October 4, 20111:37 pm

    It’s made of metal…. Heavy Metal! /mosh, mosh, mosh.

  4. Rick s. says: October 4, 20111:58 pm

    I like the art deco look about it. Never mind whether or not it works as advertised.


  5. Charlene says: October 4, 201110:20 pm

    One of the local quacks was advertising something that looked like that as a cure for cancer. Apparently the victim was supposed to be hooked up to it in some way.

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