Radio TELEVISION Electronics (Jan, 1951)

Radio TELEVISION Electronics


A—Speed-photo transceiver aids criminal investigators. Similar to wirephoto machines used by newspapers for sending and receiving pictures, it transmits and receives fingerprints, photographs suspected checks and other investigation matter long distances over the air in a few minutes. The instrument transmits and receives the pictorial material at the rate of one cross-section inch per minute

B—Converter suppresses record surface noises and turntable rumble without losing the high-frequency overtones responsible for natural musical brilliance. The unit shown has a built-in preamplifier for use with low-level magnetic pickups and it extends the useful life of records. There is a similar Dynaural noise-suppressing unit for crystal pickups without preamplifier

C—Electronic pointer enables a narrator or commentator to insert a black or white pointer about 30 lines high and seven lines wide at any point in a television picture, to describe more effectively the action taking place. The pointer is controlled by a device similar to the control stick of an airplane, providing an easy method of shifting the electronic pointer to follow the action. The rack-mounted chassis may be located anywhere a picture is available to the operator. A toggle switch selects either a black or a white pointer depending upon color of the background

D—”Hideaway” indoor TV antenna disappears when not in use. It may be clamped to any TV cabinet

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  1. rschweit says: June 3, 201211:12 pm

    Item C listed in theis article looks very much like the Telestrator’s grandfather… 😉

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