Raises Chickens Without Wings (Nov, 1929)


Raises Chickens Without Wings

AFTER five years of experimental breeding among chickens, Dr. R. T. Renwald, Omaha laboratory technician, has produced a species without wings or toenails. According to Dr. Renwald, when chickens moult their wing feathers, egg production is reduced to such an extent that an average yield per hen is 50 eggs a year. Without wing feathers, chickens are not bothered with moulting and should therefore lay about 300 eggs during a twelve months’ period. Members of the new brood have only an inside toe-nail and mere stubs in place of wings. They cannot fly and can do very little scratching. The chickens grow to average size although the absence of wings makes them appear smaller.

  1. StanFlouride says: January 4, 201010:20 pm

    Fortunately, this didn’t catch on or we’d have never had Buffalo wings.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: January 4, 201010:58 pm

    And then he went on to develop boneless chickens…

  3. docca says: January 5, 20106:44 pm

    You mean he partnered with the golden arches later on? 😛

  4. nlpnt says: January 5, 20108:52 pm

    The source of the rumor that KFC comes from creatures that can’t legally be called “chickens”?

  5. Firebrand38 says: January 5, 20109:29 pm

    nlpnt: Don’t even go there. You know how the Great Unwashed love a good unsubstantiated rumor http://www.snopes.com/h…

  6. jingle says: January 30, 20109:49 pm

    Sorry kids, it did catch on. It’s safe to say that the good doctor laid the golden egg with this one

  7. Firebrand38 says: February 1, 20104:35 pm

    jingle: Sorry if I don’t take your word for it. Can you provide a link to some proof that these did indeed “catch on”?

  8. jingle says: February 6, 201011:52 pm

    I can do better, he was my grandfather and I have reaped the benefits. All of his genetic research has in one way or another effectively been implemented into not only the poultry industry but in vaccines as well. Thanks to his research resulting in “wingless” and “talon-less” chickens we now have the ability not only to have poultry minus the need for enclosed pens (much like wing clipping) but also the ability to genetically alter the development of the destructive talons. We also have Dr. Renwald to thank for the genetic research resulting in more abundantly breasted poultry, one thing many enjoy every Thanksgiving.
    With that said, the family too has chuckled over the wingless chicken and how odd it all was but what a wonderful thing it developed into. I wouldn’t have believed it either but there you go

  9. Firebrand38 says: February 7, 201012:58 am

    Once again, where are these being raised today?

  10. jingle says: February 7, 20109:32 pm

    Allow me to refer you to the CIBA Corporation, request agriculture data information related to wings reference poultry layers and for information concerning large breast poultry refer to fryers.

  11. Firebrand38 says: February 7, 201011:16 pm

    jingle: You’re not getting this. There’s more than a couple CIBA corporations out there (a link would help) and you’re the one saying that these chickens took off so you kind of need to provide some more concrete evidence that these wingless egg layers are being widely used. I’m not that the one referring to previous posters as “kids” so I’m really not the one who has to “request” anything. Burden of proof is on you to support your statements. I wasn’t interested in large breast poultry because in cases like domestic chickens and turkeys the larger breasts came at the price of less flavorful meat. I can see that in the grocery store meat department.

  12. jingle says: February 8, 201012:30 am

    I referred to fellow poster as “kids” in the sense that we are in a virtual play ground enjoying topics and enjoying a chuckle. You my friend aim not for knowledge and grow but rather lean more towards the virtual bully of the play ground , but there’s always one that has to ruin it for others. I too giggled over the article and the postings, I’m especially fond of the buffalo wing comment. My interjection was one to say yup, crazy but true and what was learned from these tests were proven to be profitable in the research for reducing molting and increase egg production.

    I am very proud of the research my grandfather did and I am sorry that you find the larger breast meat less flavorful, perhaps you are confusing genetically altered chicken with those that have had hormone injections. Below are just a few links, I will have more links made available for your viewing







  13. Firebrand38 says: February 8, 20101:06 am

    jingle: Whatever. I’m not your friend either and you don’t know the first thing about me. Bully? You made a statement. I asked you to back it up. You haven’t. Just now you provided some pretty useless links that have nothing to do with wingless chickens laying eggs. I mean, if pointing out to you that link number five (being one of the few not broken) is about a feed additive to prevent moulting makes me a bully in your eyes then I can’t help that. And it isn’t just me. Besides., don’t go off on a tangent…the subject was wingless chickens.

  14. jingle says: February 8, 20107:55 pm

    It appears that at this time you are the only one that has been debating this with me so at this point I would have to yes it is just you. Perhaps you can provide me with information i.e. links that would support your statement that you are not behaving much like a play ground bully.

    You asked for links and that I provided, I am sorry if the information was something that you had to explore to locate hatcheries and where they are located. Please never visit a hatchery because there you just might see that yes there is a difference it the size and shape of wings for layers.
    Perhaps the problem here is that you are not understanding the fact that this is genetic altering, high-breed. None the less, if you say no it isn’t so than so be it, and man never went to the moon and the earth is flat.
    It truly makes no difference to me if you accept this or deny it, the genetic altering has been established whether you say it has or not. You’ve indeed provided me a good chuckle my friend but I think this has been discussed to the point of ad nauseam

  15. Firebrand38 says: February 8, 20108:00 pm

    jingle: Awwww, I’m sorry Sally Sensitive, don’t cry! Let’s recap. You made a statement. I asked for proof. You supplied
    dead links (that means that they didn’t work) and the one that did work took me to a page on feed additives. Nothing to do with wingless chickens. In poijnting that out I get called a bully for some strange reason. So yeah, I’m bored with you as well. Look at the bright side, you’bve proven that you are qualified to be a speechwriter for Sarah Palin so dry those tears!

    Your friend,
    The School Yard Bully

  16. rosco says: February 9, 201011:16 pm

    hey firebrand, chill dude, not cool… really so not cool

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