Rapid-Fire Gun Spreads Gas over Riot Area (Jul, 1936)

And improved 12 gauge tear gas rounds are still in use today while the rotary launchers are still sold now in 37mm.


Rapid-Fire Gun Spreads Gas over Riot Area

Machine guns that can flood a wide area with tear gas or nauseating gas in a few seconds are the latest recruits to law-enforcement staffs. Forty or fifty feet from the muzzle, the stream of powder has become a cloud of blinding or sickening gas, and the rapid-fire gun can distribute this along a broad front, effectively putting down a riot. The powder shell follows a formula developed by a former army officer. One machine gun shoots twenty-five millimeter gas shells from a round of eighteen that revolves automatically with each pull of the trigger. Another fires a round of twenty-four twelve-gauge shells, and there is a revolver type of light alloy with chambers for five twelve-gauge shells. This is conveniently carried in a holster. The gas is effective a few feet away, yet is declared to have no permanent harmful effect. Only at close range is there danger of powder burns.

  1. Nomen Nescio says: December 16, 20116:08 am

    yes, i’d love to fire a twelve-gauge shotshell out of a light-alloy snubnose revolver. i think i’ll use YOUR wrist and hand to hold onto the thing when i pull that trigger, however. (whoever came up with that idea had never fired a gun.)

  2. BrianC says: December 16, 20118:43 am

    Looks like the forerunner to the Striker “Street Swweper” shotgun

  3. bobby j says: December 16, 201110:07 am

    I have a Taurus Judge 45/410 which is not bad, but I think a 12 gauge revolver would be a bit much.

  4. Jari says: December 16, 201110:46 am

    That revolver is real. it’s a Manville 12-gauge tear gas gun. The one in left is also Manville. Tear gas shells are much lighter than normal shotgun shells, so I’d say kickback is similar than in signal-flare guns.

  5. KillJoy says: December 16, 20114:30 pm

    Sorry, almost all tear gas(es) are disbursed solids – often crystalline.

  6. Toronto says: December 16, 20115:48 pm

    I want to know more about that “nausea gas.”

    What happens when you fire it at a crowd? The pie eating contest from “Stand By Me”?

    (and who cleans up?)

  7. Abdul Alhazred says: December 17, 201110:05 am

    All made obsolete by the invention of the aerosol can.

  8. Jari says: December 17, 20115:07 pm

    Abdul: How do you disperse a rowdy crowd from lets say 50 meters from you using your aerosol can?

    Toronto: For cleaning, there’s water cannons 🙂

  9. John M Hanna says: December 17, 201111:56 pm

    Looks like the thing Christopher Walken used in ‘The Dogs Of War’


  10. JMyint says: December 19, 201110:22 am

    John, you are correct sir. That is indeed a Manville Projectile Launcher the type of weapon called an XM18 in the movie “Dogs of War”.

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