RCA 301 computer now steps up to big system workpower! (Dec, 1961)

RCA 301 computer now steps up to big system workpower!

Core memory doubled to 40,000 characters! Magnetic tape capability increased to twelve or more 66,000 character/second tape units! System rentals remain low, and you can still begin on a small scale!

Already widely accepted by business and government, the RCA 301 has been so stepped up in workpower that the running time for many jobs has been cut in half. Now it can also tackle much larger and more complex jobs, and can be greatly extended in capacity as your work load grows. With the advanced 301 you have a wider choice of system configuration—and therefore, a better match to your job—than with any other system in its price range. And when you buy 301, you are buying top productivity per rental dollar for your overall needs.

Be sure you evaluate this advanced RCA 301 for your data processing needs. Or if you already have an RCA 301 system, add the new memory and high performance tape units as you require them. No reprogramming is necessary.

These new 301 advances are the latest in RCA’s continuing program of bringing you higher levels of EDP efficiency through the application of the world’s newest electronic techniques.

RCA 301 rental prices begin under $3000 per month, and delivery can be made in less than a year. Contact your local RCA EDP representative, or write: RCA Electronic Data Processing, Camden 8, New Jersey.

Random Access: Data Record File, 27 million char. capacity
Data Disc File, 176 million char. capacity
Core Memory: 10,000-20,000-40,000 characters
Tape Units: 10,000-33,000-66,000 char./second
Printers: Up to two, 750-1000 lines/minute
Card Readers: Up to two, 600 cards/minute Card
Punch: 100 or 200 cards/minute
Paper Tape: Read, 100 or 1000 char./second Punch, 100 char./second

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  1. Casandro says: July 16, 20093:16 pm

    Back then computers were used to increase productivity. Today only few companies actually use their computers in usefull ways.

  2. Firebrand38 says: July 16, 20094:23 pm

    Casandro: For example?

  3. Slim says: July 16, 20094:52 pm

    Ah for the days when RCA was the Radio Corporation of America and not just a trademark.

  4. Torgo says: July 16, 20097:59 pm

    But could it fit inside the Apollo capsule? I think not.

  5. Firebrand38 says: July 16, 20098:45 pm

    That’s what this was for http://www.ibiblio.org/…

  6. Mike says: July 16, 20099:35 pm

    You had to rent them, and delivery in less than a year. Of course, things were not so outdated back then.

    It amazes me how fast printers were at that time.

  7. Las Vegas Guy says: July 17, 200911:22 am

    I still have two of these in my living room. They are hooked up to an Acer 23 inch monitor and I use them to play Crysis. The frame rate is excellent. My electric bill is a little on the high side.

  8. John Savard says: July 18, 20094:43 am

    Actually, playing Crysis on two of those would be like trying to play it on two Commodore-64s. What amused me was the typography; but then, long before there was A New Hope, there were the Flash Gordon serials, which also used such title crawls.

  9. Mike says: July 18, 20091:03 pm

    Firebrand38, Thanks for the link. I found the site interesting but became lost for hours in the links section!

  10. Firebrand38 says: July 18, 20091:38 pm

    Mike: Glad you liked it. The DVD of Moon Machines is it out now and the episode on the Navigation Computer is fascinating.

  11. Adrian Turner says: December 17, 20092:06 pm

    I worked on the RCA301/ICT 1500 for 7 years from 1961.
    I visited Palm Beach Gardens on two occasions and would like to make contact with any of the people
    who worked in the plant.I have found it very difficult in the past, but now with the internet I’m hoping for more success. Where is the RCA computer website!!?

  12. Bob Lenihan says: April 21, 20109:04 pm

    I worked in the RCA Palm Beach Gardens plant for about 5 years testing, then delivering and installing RCA 301s. Best job I ever had….gave me the opportunity to travel all over the world.

    Bob Lenihan
    [email protected]

  13. Firebrand38 says: April 21, 20109:27 pm

    Bob: How cool must that have been. Some pretty amazing stuff came out of RCA back then http://www.feb-patrimoi…

  14. H. Leigh Steves says: April 22, 20101:38 am

    I worked at the PBG plant from the time it opened until a few month before RCA closed it and then years later when Northern Telecom expanded into the PBG facility. I worken in systems test, installed many a system including the first one in So Bell Atlanta, and then transferred into design engineering where I worked with some of the most talented engineers and technicians I have ever known. I often wonder how far we could have gone if RCA upper management had had the vision that Gen. Sarnoff possessed.

  15. H. Leigh Steves says: April 22, 20108:22 am

    If any more of the PBG folks would like to establish contact I would love to hear from you via E-mail or Facebook. I can be reached at [email protected] and would like to hear what life after RCA was like.

  16. jayessell says: April 22, 20109:10 am

    Did you ever set up a system on a mountain in Tibet?
    Did they ever finish that project?

    (not obscure)

  17. H. Leigh Steves says: April 26, 201010:43 am

    Established contact with Bob Lenihan and also Chuck Martel, both were co-workers in Customer Systems Acceptance.

  18. Toronto says: April 26, 20105:38 pm

    Jay: Oh, look, the printouts just finish…. hey, what happened to the stars???

  19. Bob Avis says: February 3, 20123:58 pm

    I was trained on the 301 in 1967 and helped maintain the one at RCA in CherryHill NJ in the
    fish bowl. Also worked on the 501,3301 and spectra 70 periferals. That was a long time ago.

  20. Bill Dumas says: November 26, 201211:57 am

    I worked on the RCA 301 for a few years I was also trained and worked on the Spectra equipment I Went to school in Cherry Hill and Palm Beach at different times. I took some lab classes at the RCA factory in Camden, down next to the soup company.

  21. BpLevi says: December 27, 20159:52 pm

    Training at Cherry Hill on 301 began in Feb. ’66. Spectra trained at PBG early in ’67. The Air Force kept some 301s going in Utah for an amazingly long time!! RCA marketed a Spectra 15 driven offset printing system which I was also trained on in NJ near Princeton about ’72. Never worked on that one as the bottom fell out and RCA sold Computer ops. to Univac. Remained till Univac, then it became just Sperry, was acquired by Burroughs (Unisys) about ’85 and I remained with Unisys till forced early retire in Nov./2000 .. Best days were RCA.. no doubt about it.. Still have a hard case tool box issued by RCA Service Company with the old RCA meatball, and a few screwdrivers still, with RCA Service Co inscribed on handle..
    The facility RCA built to manufacture and market the printing system ( seems it was called Data Comp) on RT 130 near New Brunswick (Deans N J) became a training center for Sperry .. Trained there with Sperry as well…….a few years ago……

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