RCA announces revolutionary NEW Electron Microscopes (Jun, 1954)

RCA announces revolutionary NEW Electron Microscopes

Now—from RCA, pioneer and world leader in electronic research, come two great new electron microscopes. The EMU-3A with both 50,000 and 100,000 volt accelerating potential is destined to be recognized as perfection in electron microscopy —the ideal tool for advanced research requiring highest resolution, maximum magnification and critical control. The EML-1A, a 50,000 volt instrument, has every important feature needed for peak performance in a wide range of research and control functions.

Here are some of the key engineering advances and improvements that make these precision instruments invaluable:
• High resolving power—20 and 30 Angstrom Units
• Consistently higher magnifications—useful to over 200,000 diameters.
• Choice of 50,000 volt and 100,000 volt accelerating potential
• Vertical column construction for stability and accessibility
• Single set of pole pieces for all magnifications
• Insensitive to vibration and magnetic fields
• Roll film and plate cameras—choice of four different picture sizes
• External control of objective aperture
• Binocular Viewer
• Large 5″ x 5″ direct view, high brightness screen
• Push Button Controls—Unusual ease of operation
• Selected Area and Reflection Diffraction

What can these important new instruments do for you?

Factual information on the features, construction and operation of the revolutionary new RCA Electron Microscopes is yours for the asking. Write: Radio Corporation of America, Dept. F-111,Building 15-1, Camden, N. J.


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  1. Jim Dunn says: August 27, 200711:25 am

    Ahhh, memories. Who doesn’t get misty-eyed thinking about the great afternoons spent over the electron microscope, drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate while Mom baked brownies?

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