RCA LABORATORIES – your “magic carpet” (Nov, 1947)

RCA LABORATORIES – your “magic carpet”

to new wonders of radio and television More and more people will go sightseeing by television as the number of stations and home receivers increases. Eventually, television networks will serve homes from coast to coast . . . bringing you the news as it happens . . . sports events . . . drama . . . vaudeville.

Many of the scientific advances which have made possible these extended services of radio-electronics, in sound and sight, originated in research conducted by RCA Laboratories.

Recent RCA “firsts” include: ultrasensitive television cameras that give startling clarity to all-electronic television . . . tiny tubes for compact, lightweight portable radios . . . “picture tube” screens for brilliant television reception.

In other fields of radio-electronics, RCA has pioneered major achievements — including development of the electron microscope. Research by RCA Laboratories goes into every product bearing the name RCA or RCA Victor.


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