RCA RADIOLA 60 Super-Heterodyne (Feb, 1929)

I think that “$147 (less Radiotrons)” means they don’t even include the vacuum tubes, you have to pay extra for those. That’s sort of like selling an mp3 player with no memory in it. Doesn’t do you a lot of good.

RCA RADIOLA 60 Super-Heterodyne

Radio receiver and speaker as separate units permit a flexibility in arrangement not possible with the larger cabinet combinations.

The “60” Super-Heterodyne may be put on a library shelf or a small side table, and be connected with the speaker placed anywhere in the room or in another room.

The best reproducer to use with the “60” is the new “106” Electro-Dynam-ic. This is the same type as that used in the de luxe cabinet models of the new Super-Heterodynes.

RCA RADIOLA 60 Beautifully designed table model of new Radiola Super-Heterodyne with A. C. electric operation. Single control with illuminated dial. Ideal for congested broadcasting areas highly sensitive for places remote from broadcast stations. Two-toned walnut veneered cabinet. An instrument of wonderful musical range and tone fidelity $147 (less Radiotrons)

RCA ELECTRO-DYNAMIC SPEAKER 106” The incomparable reproducing instrument of the type used in the new cabinet Radiolas now available as a separate unit. Operates from A. C. house current. A beautiful little piece of furniture as well as a reproducer of amazing range and tone, $88

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