RCA’s Free & Easy Dealer Awards (Aug, 1974)

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RCA’s Free & Easy Dealer Awards

When you buy RCA tubes from your participating RCA tube distributor, he delivers the goods the easy way. No muss, no fuss, no constant cutting of carton flaps, no torn cartons on your shelf or in your caddy. Just give your tube order to your RCA distributor and get your premium the free and easy way. The bigger your tube order, the more valuable your gift. So visit him soon and select your Free and Easy RCA award with your purchase of RCA tubes. (The values are really extra special.)

No Muss • No Fuss • No Torn Tube Cartons.

Visit Your Participating RCA Tube Distributor.

Place Your RCA Tube Order and Select Your “Free and Easy” RCA Award!

Remember, the Award Values Are Extra Special!

Toastmaster Plug-in Automatic Timer for Lamps and Appliances
Cordless timer plugs directly into outlet. Time cycle extends from 90 minutes to 221/2 hours. Turns lamps and appliances on or oft any time of day or night and repeats the operation every 24 hours without resetting. FE-630.

Polaroid Colorpack 5 Land Camera and Kit. Enjoy Instant Photography in Color and Black and White
• Big 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 color pictures in one minute • Black and white pictures in seconds • 3-element lens and unique face-in-the-square viewfinder. FE-687 Value: $44.95.

Canon Palmtronic LE-83 Calculator
Slender enough to put in your pocket, the Canon Palmtronic LE-83 combines convenience with precision. • Adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides, performs mixed calculations, calculations with a constant and n-th power calculations. • Comes with an AC adapter or can be used with 4 penlight batteries. • Smooth key touch, easy to read LED indication panel. FE-LE-83 Value: $44.95.

Schick Styling Driers, Man’s & Lady’s Models
For Women: Quick drying with more natural styling.
For Men: Dries fast while it styles and grooms.
• 2 Speeds, 2 Heats • Dry setting — high airflow and high heat • Style setting — low airflow and low heat • Professional styling brush and styling comb • Air concentrator nozzle. Man’s FE-336 Lady’s FE-338 Value: $15.98.

Spalding “Rebel” Golf Balls (One Dozen)
Spalding is the premier distance ball with indestructible Surlyn cover. Two-piece construction gives you extra yards for the power you pack into your drive FE-11117 Value: $14.90.

Spalding “Collegiate” Football
The best value you’ll find in a full-grain leather football. Tough butyl rubber bladder. Triple fabric lining with lockstitch construction. FE-61448 Value: $17.00.

Omaha steaks Ten RCA “Steak-out ’74” certificates can be redeemed for one package of tender, succulent Omaha steaks as follows:
6 (11 oz.) Boneless Strip Sirloins 1-1/8″ thick or. 8 ( 6 oz.) Filet Mignons 1-1/4″ thick or
8 ( 8 oz.) Top Sirloins 1-1/8″ thick or
6 ( 8 oz.) Filets of Prime Rib 1″ thick.
Choice cuts, generous portions and outstanding flavor! 1A2116

BULOVA…The watch you wear with pride. Bulova… synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, precision and style.

Oceanographer — Highly contemporary 17 jewel, automatic instant change day/date calendar; depth tested to 333 feet. FE-12604 Value: $110.
La Petite — Stunning feminine timepiece with 23 jewels, 4 diamonds, 10K rolled gold plate case. Adjustable mesh bracelet. FE-55775 Value: $110.
Sea King — Stalwart Bulova Sea King, 17 jewel precision timepiece, water-resistant with luminous dial. FE-12280 Value: $65.
Concerto — Prettily sculptured model with 17 jewels, 10K rolled gold plate, stainless steel back and silver dial. FE-63628 Value: $65.

Compass Binoculars
Perfect for use at the track, at the stadium, in the woods. Field of view is a large 367 Feet at 1000 yards. Hard-coated optics. Complete with case and strap.
FE-3022 Value: $44.95.

Shakespeare Deluxe Spinning Combo Balanced Tackle Set
Shakespeare #2210 Marina Green spinning reel, matching Shakespeare SP-160 6′ 6″ Wonderod, 200 yards 6-pound monofilament, box of stainless steel hooks and spinning lure. For fresh and light salt-water fishing. FE-S460 Value: $42.00.

Spalding Pancho Gonzales “Pro Champ” Tennis Set
Pancho Gonzales “Pro Champ” racket, waterproof racket cover, plus three Pancho Gonzales tennis balls.
FE-531063 Value: $18.65.

RCA Electronic Components
Harrison, New Jersey 07029

  1. Toronto says: July 6, 201210:27 am

    To perform “Nth power” calculations on that calculator, you entered your base number, then hit the multiply button, then you would hit the “=” key “N” times. (This only works if N is a positive integer, though I know a clever trick for negative integers, too. It was “divide” then “=” at the end.)

    And at less than $50, it was a bargain.

  2. Charlene says: July 6, 20124:20 pm

    Mmmmmm…RCA meat!

  3. slim says: July 6, 20124:26 pm

    Brings back childhood memories of the TV repairman coming to the house with his big black satchel of spare tubes. The comment you dreaded was “I have to take it back to the shop”. Do they still have TV repairmen?

  4. Hirudinea says: July 6, 20124:38 pm

    @ slim – Nope, they just call China and tell them to make a few thousand more (hey one is bound to work.)

  5. Mick Canick says: July 6, 20127:43 pm

    slim, yea I drove by a shop not to long ago and saw a truck a few months back. I was surprised, I wondered if they repaired anything else in their shop.

  6. Stephen says: July 7, 20125:54 am

    By 1974 tubes must have been on their way out. I was born in 1970 and I don’t remember any household electronics that wasn’t solid-state. The calculator, after all, can’t possibly have used thermionics!

  7. slim says: July 7, 20129:30 am

    @ Stephen — Then you probably don’t remember when there was a tube tester just inside the door of the local drugstore or market.

  8. DocScience says: July 8, 20125:51 pm

    By 1974, virtually all NEW TV’s were solid state, but one needs to remember, a 1974 $599 23″ color TV (Big screen at the time) is $3000 in 2012 dollars. I remember 1972 14″ RCA bedroom sets going for $479 ($2400) at discount stores.

    As such there was a HUGE overhang of tube sets from the 1960’s since they were just too expensive to replace and truthfully, there was no real performance gain to had save lower power operation.

  9. Lonestar says: July 15, 201211:23 am

    Vacuum tubes are still available. NOS (new-old stock) that can be had via the Internet and flea-markets; and brand-new (although manufactured in China and Russia). And yes, there are TV repair shops still; a good friend of mine owns one, and does a good enough business repairing various electronics.

  10. Lonestar says: July 15, 201211:28 am

    And, my family had one of those Schick Styling Dryers (a.k.a. “hot comb”). Used it for years until the heating element burned out. 😉

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