The most complete guide book on the successful breeding and raising of Syrian Golden Hamsters. Tells all about this new, fast growing, profitable and interesting hobby industry. Reveals all the secrets of the largest breeder of these delightfully profitable pets and laboratory animals. 34 Chapters chuck-full of information gleaned from actual experience as a breeder. Twenty Pages of illustrations. A few subjects are: history, housing, three methods of breeding, easy to get feeds, sexing, fertility vitamins, handling, educational, scientific projects, crating, profits and selling, where to buy and how to sell hamsters. Sent postpaid for $1.00.

Albert F. Marsh, 1524 Basil St., Mobile, Alabama

  1. calvin says: May 17, 20096:00 am

    i bought my hamsters it was about 2 months ago and the female is not pregnat yet?

  2. Ankhorite says: October 30, 20092:33 am

    A wonderful piece of ephemera – thanks for putting it online.

  3. Edward Voke says: December 30, 20098:18 pm

    Have a 1949 3d edition that I used in 1949-50. Any interest in this book now?

  4. Toronto says: December 31, 200912:36 am

    Edward: I first read that as a “3 D” edition – and was thinking of a Hamster Pop-Up book.

    Now I realize you meant “3rd” edition, and will go away somewhat sadder.

  5. Firebrand38 says: December 31, 20091:25 am

    Edward Voke: First, this ain’t eBay. Second, check here for current values (not much) and availabilities. Most of the copies for sale go for about five bucks not including shipping.

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