Receiver Dressed in Glass Shows Secrets of Television (Aug, 1939)

Receiver Dressed in Glass Shows Secrets of Television

Some of the secrets of television reception are disclosed to the public by a glass-encased receiver exhibited by RCA at the New York World’s Fair. Although it is not in operation, those who see the set gain an impression of the genius out of which grew such an involved and intricate piece of magic in this newer field of radio.

  1. Christian Berger says: November 16, 201110:29 am

    It should be noted that by that time rectangular direct view CRTs were already state of the art in other countries.

  2. Mike says: November 16, 20113:55 pm

    If it is not in operation, why did they have to enclose it in glass?

  3. Another Mike says: November 16, 20117:50 pm

    This one-off unit now lives in Toronto:…

  4. Hirudinea says: November 16, 20118:03 pm

    @ Mike – To quote the grey market TV salesman on the Simpsons. “to prevent fallapart.”

  5. M.S.W. says: November 17, 20111:21 pm

    The Great Grand Daddy of the transparent iMac. Now if it only came in Bondi Blue 😉

  6. JMyint says: November 17, 20113:58 pm

    Christian Berger-The RCA was using a 12 inch picture tube not like the 5 inch Marconi EMI set. Even the (for the time) big screen TVs like the Murphy A42, or the Telefunken FE-VI used a mirror view because of the length of the early CRTs.

  7. Sean says: November 18, 20114:46 am

    That is one gorgeous yacht on the cover.

  8. woofer says: November 20, 20118:13 pm

    actually, it was Lucite (acrylic)

  9. jayessell says: November 9, 201210:09 am

    I’m fairly (!) sure they had working plastic ones at the NYWF of 1939.
    It was to prove that it wasn’t a film projected image.

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