Recorder stores TV stills (Jan, 1964)

I’m a big fan of any media you have to peel.

Recorder stores TV stills
This German recorder makes stills of moving TV images.

Video pulses are fed through a recording head to a magnetic-foil disk (background above) spun at 3,000 r.p.m. Scanning speed is 2,000 inches a second. A pushbutton starts the cycle for an instantaneous single picture.

A playback feeds the stills to another TV set. Up to 10 can be recorded on one foil, which can be peeled off for filing.

  1. MAKE: Blog says: August 17, 200611:15 am

    Recorder stores TV “stills” on foil – and you peel them off!…

    This recorder from the 60’s took “stills” of your TV using a spinning magnetic foil disk and recorded them on foil that you peel off and store – this needs to be re(made) – “Popular Science 1964” – Link…….

  2. Casandro says: August 18, 20062:57 am

    Actually that was the way to go until the mid 80s. There was essentially no other way of storing multiple still frames and displaying them.
    In fact a bit later devices have been build which could store 30 seconds of still frames (at 30 fps). In the 70s there even was an early non-linear editing system which had lots of harddisk space to store about 17 minutes of low resolution monocrome videos.

  3. Casandro says: June 18, 20083:27 am

    Here’s a demo of the non-linear editing system.…

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