REDUCE (Feb, 1937)


FAT IS DANGEROUS Fat enters the body when food is consumed in excess of one’s needs; it can be removed by lessening the fat making food intake or by muscular exercise. There is no other way for it to get in or get out.

All other ills of the body may sometimes fail to respond even when the best known methods are applied. Not so with obesity. The cause and elimination of obesity is a matter of mathematics and there is no argument about it. In his New Book entitled “HOW TO REDUCE WEIGHT” Bernarr Macfadden gives you the complete regime for weight reduction including full dietary instructions, actual menus, food classifications and reduction exercises. It is by all odds the most thorough and effective work on freight reduction that we have ever seen. Only 50c post-paid—send for it today.


Dept. 2. 205 E. 42nd St.

New York, N. Y.

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  1. Pascal Leclair says: December 22, 200910:43 pm

    Liposuction had obviously not been developed yet.

    Bernarr Macfadden is considered one of the early proponents of fitness and bodybuilding in the States.

    A few years before this ad was published, he had also been a publisher of tabloids:… .

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